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How to be in Your Body… on Earth… Without Fear

Moira, home pageHallo, welcome to my blog. Apparently the rules of blog writing say that the title above should be followed by something like – ‘In 5 Easy Steps’. I’m supposed to draw you in with the promise of quick and easy solutions.

Actually, I don’t like those rules. I’d rather speak from what I’ve learned in over 60 years of life, and over 25 years of working professionally in the healing field.

So yes, I am going to suggest, in this and other posts, how you can be in your body, on Earth, and unafraid. No deception, no avoiding the real issues. I’ll say straight away that for most of us, including me, being present in our bodies, on Grandmother Earth, without undue fear, is a path of many steps. And for most people, perhaps including you, many of those steps are not easy.

How to be in your body

‘Grounded’ is a great word, but it’s often used in misleading ways. Sometimes people confuse it with having a practical personality, or with being effective in using the body as an instrument, like a dancer or tennis player.

For me, the two most vital aspects of being grounded are firstly, being in your body, and secondly, having a strong consistent connection with the Earth.

Today I want to suggest something you can start doing immediately to help you to be in your body. (I’ll talk more about what it means to be ‘in’ or ‘out of’ your body in the next post.)

The aim here is to get used to experiencing your body from the inside. Whatever you look like, your body, every cell of it, contains immense wisdom and power. But you can’t draw on that wisdom and power if instead of experiencing your body from within, you only see it with eyes that judge from outside.

Our culture nags us to worry about how we look to others. But if we keep projecting our awareness outwards, imagining what others might be thinking of us, we lose our sense of safety and our ability to know our own truth. Maybe you’ve experienced losing your power in this way?

So try this. Create a little quiet space for yourself, and settle. If you’ve only got five minutes, that’s fine. Allow yourself to focus on what you feel in your body. That means any sensation, pleasant, painful or neutral. Maybe go through your body methodically, attending to each part in turn.

This is just about taking an interest in yourself, through your bodily experience. Even tiny sensations are worth attending to. Take a few minutes just to hear the messages from your body, however incoherent they may seem. If you sense nothing whatsoever, that’s interesting too. Just notice, that’s all.

That’s it. A crucial step towards liberation and healing. Make this noticing a habit, and soon it will be part of who you are. You may become aware that every feeling and thought is registered in your body.

Let me know how you get on. By all means leave a comment to tell me what you do or don’t like about this post – in a polite and constructive way of course, please! If there are topics in the fields of energy healing, shamanic healing, or astrology that aren’t covered sufficiently in my website, http://www.hearthstarhealing.com, feel free to suggest them for future posts.

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Thanks for your attention. Go well.

4 Responses to “How to be in Your Body… on Earth… Without Fear”

  1. Patricia Fernandes

    Dear Moira,

    How wonderful to see your blog.. I remember so clearly having my chart done with you and how it helped me understand myself. Now, I’m very interested in following your pieces, especially on embodiment, this is something I’ve been sitting with recently.



    • Moira Lake Healing

      Thanks Pat, I’m delighted you’re interested. The next post will be on Pluto, but I promise I’ll get back to the ‘How to be in your body’ theme very soon after that.


  2. Carrie Gaye

    Thank you for this reminder Moira, to pay attention to the body. It’s very timely for me. Whenever I do it I understand why it’s so significant, and so very helpful.



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