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New Moon, New Mood

The next new moon happens in the early hours of this Thursday, July 16th, and it’s worth attention. Astrology is a science of cycles within phases of the moon (shutterstock)cycles. The sun goes through its phases from winter solstice to spring equinox, to summer solstice, to autumn equinox and back to winter solstice. The moon, likewise, goes from new moon, when the sun and moon are together, to first quarter, to full moon, to last quarter  and back to new moon.

A new moon is the point in the moon’s monthly cycle which corresponds to the winter solstice point in the sun’s yearly cycle. In both cases, it’s the darkest time of the cycle, when there is least to show for our trouble. The energy of the preceding cycle has run its course, we’ve made of it whatever we’ve made, and now there’s a time of stillness, the ‘fertile void’ where the new cycle is gestating but not yet visible.

At new moon it’s good to consider what we are creating now in our lives – what are you calling into being in this dark and mysterious time? The intentions and desires you send into the world now will largely shape what you accomplish in the month to come. To work most successfully with the energies of the moon, we need to attune to the qualities of this moment in time. This tells us where our efforts can flow easily, and where our greatest challenges will lie.

Obviously, to know this in depth, the chart of the new moon would need to be compared with your personal birth chart. But even without that, we can learn a lot from the chart of the new moon itself. This new moon falls in Cancer, and has the Cancerian characteristics of being inward-looking, emotionally sensitive and seeking security and a safe home. But that doesn’t mean we will all become like Cancerians, because ‘security’ and ‘home’ mean different things to different people. For example, for one person security might mean a partner for life and a steady income, while another person may need freedom and solitude to feel secure. The same with ‘home’ – some people feel most at home when camping out in nature, others need a beautiful house that’s all theirs.

Think about what these things mean for you, and you’ll have a sense of the kinds of issues that may arise for you at this time. Because of other planetary activity this week, in particular the intense Mars opposition to Pluto, these Cancerian qualities may be modified by angry feelings, quick tempers and power struggles. Be aware of these tendencies in the air for us all, and you’ll be able to work with them to bring out the most positive sides of the planetary energies involved – frankness, creative and sexual passion, compassion and the possibility of deep emotional healing. Be gentle, though, with yourself and those around you. Give reassurance and nurturing when it’s needed, including to yourself!

Let me know how it goes for you with this new moon. If you’d like to be notified whenever I put up a new post, please click on the menu button at the top.

2 Responses to “New Moon, New Mood”

  1. Abigail

    Congratulations on braving the world of social media it is a relief to see you not following the rules!
    I have been thinking a lot this week about what security actually means, indeed whether it is a reality for anyone!? So your post for me is quite timely….I have also been considering the same around the concept of home. As home for me is really Dartmoor, not where I physically live in a box which feels way too small! Although I’m grateful to have the box and the sense of safety from the elements and a little comfort, this box is perhaps the nearest I’ve ever had to security as it’s not rented from someone who can easily take it away! I think this connects with your next post and the sense of body and how being in the body in many ways is about being in relationship to the earth. It is helpful to be reminded to survey my own body from the inside out even if it means acknowledging the pain there! I also like being reminded of the power of intention with the new moon as well as the idea of permission to be at the end of the cycle and maybe to rest in that concept too?



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