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How to be on Earth

Bluebells KentIn How to be in Your Body, Parts 1 and 2, I mentioned how being grounded has two aspects – firstly, being securely present in your body, as described in those two posts; secondly, being strongly connected to Earth. In this post I’m focusing on how to develop that strong connection, and why you would want to.

Your body is part of the body of Earth, as are the bodies of all natural creatures. We could say that my body is the earth manifesting as Moira, your body is Earth manifesting as you. Of course, we are not only earth, we are spirit too, just as Earth itself is also spirit. We are all earth and spirit and stars. For now, I’m sticking with Earth as earth. We’ll come on to the shamanic view of the dream, and the spirit realities behind it, in a later post.

Here’s an obvious example: if a person has an accident and almost loses a hand, so that it’s half-severed from the rest of their body, is it a good idea for them to ignore this injury and just try to continue with what they’re doing? Obviously not. We know that losing blood, becoming weak, and allowing dirt and harmful bacteria to enter a wound are definitely not helpful behaviour. Yet most of us humans are suffering exactly the equivalent of this on the energetic level. When our connection with Earth is wounded, we lose energy, become ill, lose a sense of our own power and agency, and become passive tools of other people’s intentions rather than enacting our own.

Earth is always there, below our feet, doing its best to send power and vitality into our bodies to sustain and enliven us. But nothing in the natural order of things is imposed on us. We have to choose it, and be ready to receive it. This is the difference between fruit hanging from boughs ready to be picked, and fruit jumping from the tree straight into our mouths (which I, at least, have never seen happen).

IMG_0646So here are some ideas for restoring, or maybe developing for the first time, your connection with Earth.

  1. Be aware that this is a relationship, not an act of consumption. Earth feeds and energises us, and we can reciprocate with gratitude, and an openness to understanding how we can serve Earth in turn.
  2. The energy of Earth comes into our bodies primarily through the base energy centre, or ‘chakra’, which enters via the perineum, between the legs. Because this is a vulnerable area for many people, you may feel more comfortable bringing Earth energy in through the powerful energy centres on the soles of the feet. Try standing on the earth, outdoors, if possible with bare feet, but if you need to wear shoes that’s OK. Feel the soles of your feet meeting the ground. Be aware of how the surface of your skin (even through shoes if you’re wearing them) meets the surface of Earth. Allow this, if you can, to be a sensuous, intimate encounter. Let this fill your awareness.
  3. Standing as above, breathe in, and as you do so ask Earth to fill you with power and vitality. Draw this energy up through the soles of your feet, letting it flow up your legs and up your spine. If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry. At this stage, just imagine the energy flowing up your body – in doing so you are opening up your receptivity and helping Earth to do its work.
  4. Thank Earth for its generous nurturing. Make some offering in return – this might be your appreciation of the beauty around you, or you might pick up a piece of litter nearby.
  5. Genuine gratitude opens the heart centre and makes life go much better. If you get into the habit of thanking Grandmother Earth for her gifts, you will become stronger, breathe more easily, and begin to feel yourself more fully a part of something infinitely greater than yourself.

These posts on Earth and the body are very simple, but these things are an essential foundation for anything else you might wish for in terms of health and self-development. The best intentions often fail because attention has not been given to these foundations. So if you don’t already live in these ways, please give them your time now.

Wishing you well.

2 Responses to “How to be on Earth”

  1. keatsbabe

    This is wonderful Moira. I shall try standing outside on the grass if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Would you be willing to write a guest post for The Terrace blog?


    • Moira Lake Healing

      That’s great, keatsbabe. If you do it frequently and mindfully, it really will make a big difference. Thanks for the invitation – yes, I’d love to do a guest blog post, but probably not immediately, I’m pretty stretched with lots of clients and trying to do a book proposal.



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