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Like the New Look?


Greetings. Well, I’m glad to say this blog has decided to pull its socks up and take more of an interest in its appearance. Whether its author will do the same, I can’t say, but I hope you agree that the blog looks a lot better and is much nicer to use. If you’re a subscriber receiving this post in your inbox, you’ll need to click on the title and go to the blog itself, or you’ll be wondering what I’m on about!

I’m also thinking about its general orientation. A number of people have asked for more posts specifically addressing topics within shamanism, and in particular healing with plant spirits. I’m really delighted that so many people are interested in my work with plant spirits, so I’ll definitely be doing several on this theme. As this work features largely in the book I’m writing, I’ll be glad to share some of it here too.

I’ll still be addressing wider social-political issues though, because I feel it’s important to look at the big picture, and whatever the topic, I’m expressing the same perspective and values in every piece. To put it as clearly as possible, I feel completely committed: to this precious Earth; to the healing and restoration of the peoples, meaning not only humans but all the natural beings of Earth; and to the wise and generous spirit beings without whose help absolutely none of this would be possible.

By the way, while I love receiving emails from readers, I also enjoy having comments on the blog, so do feel free to comment here – you needn’t say publically who you are, if you don’t want to. Next post coming soon.

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