Healing, Dreaming, Nature and the Nature of Reality


Moira, bluebells, about pageI work as an energy healer, shamanic worker, astrologer, and formerly a psychotherapist. I’ve been working in these fields for over twenty-five years. I love the beauty of this Earth, her endless creativity and the infinite spirit that lives and expresses itself in everything. Much of my work involves healing with plant spirits, or rather assisting them in their healing work. I am utterly fascinated by the complex interweaving of realities, glimpsable even from our daft consensual world, as well as the delights and challenges of the healing process, and the mysteries of the human body.

This blog will be on a variety of topics, viewed through a shamanic/healing/astrological lens. This will include all areas related to healing and shamanism, as well as wider social and political issues seen from uncommon perspectives.

For more information about me and my work, including my background, training and qualifications, please visit my website, http://www.hearthstarhealing.com.


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